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Doctor Bibber Asset Services uses different techniques such as vibration analysis, oil analysis, thermography and ultrasound. By analyzing the results, the maintenance of your installations is tailored to its current condition. This way maintenance intervals can be extended in a responsible way. When necessary, further action may be needed to prevent consequential damage. You can find more information about the different techniques under the heading “techniques”.


Customer oriented

We believe it is important to maintain a good relationship with our customers, since we have often experienced that working together leade to better results. Therefore, each project is handled with the greatest care from start to finish.


Objective and independent

DB Asset Services is an independent company. This means that we are not affiliated with any service representative, or OEM. This way we can guarantee to remain 100% objective when we monitor the condition of your systems and/or machinery.


Clear advice and clear reporting

With our customer-centric approach, we ensure that we have a good idea of what is happening inside your machinery. We work together with your crew/team, and provide you with a practical advice.


Our engineer will visit the location to collect the measurements. He has extensive knowledge of the installations and knows exactly which faults can occur frequently. During the measurement-rounds our engineer will collect all necessary information, so our report is customised and specific to your installations. 


Maritime sector

We have experience with condition monitoring in both the maritime sector and classical industry. However, our specialty lies in the maritime sector. Here, most of the installations are based on steel or aluminum foundations, causing vibrations to easily be transferred from one machine to another. This makes the analysis of the data more complex. Years of experience has taught us all the characteristics of the installationss, and the vibration-transferral that often occurs. To optimally serve the maritime sector, we are flexible in our working hours and we can be deployed in all parts of the world.

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