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DB Asset Services provides fluids analysis. These fluids may include lubricating oil, coolant, hydraulic oil etc. Liquids analyzes can be used for two purposes: to determine whether the fluid is suitable for further use, or check whether there are wear particles present in the oil indicating problems.

Degradation of oil

We examine whether the liquid is still usable. It is checked whether the oil is not aged, also check whether sufficient additives in the oil are still present.

Indication of wear

Wear and tear is the removal of material in an installation. These wear particles are transported by the oil which, by means of analysis, can be detected. The amount, type of material and trend gives an indication of the defect, and severity.

Working method

Using fluid analysis, DB Asset Services can identify damages in time. We have the liquid, in most cases lubricating oil, checked at a partner company for wear parts and its condition. We then look to the analyzing results ourselves using our experience with similar installations. In case of wear we closely look what kind of particles are present, enabling us to link it to the component which is showing wear.

Efficient condition monitoring

When vibration measurements are also performed, the results are combined with oil analyses to determine the cause in best possible way. In this way we can help our customers efficiently to identify damages at an early stage. In this way there is sufficient time to take action. The data obtained is stored in order to investigate the trend of contamination.

Low cost

Because we have liquids only tests for the properties which are really useful, the costs are kept low. When the liquid is checked in the lab, DB Asset Services will use her own experience to see if there is an excessive number of wear particles or other abnormalities.

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