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Condition monitoring

DB Asset Services is specialized in measuring and determining the condition of your installations. It takes us a couple of minutes to measure an electromotor, and after analysis of the data at the office we are able to determine the condition of this E-motor:


• Are the bearings in a good state?
• Are there any electrical problems?
• Is it responsible to keep running the installation?
• Is maintenance necessary?


We guaranty to answer all of these questions for your rotating and reciprocating installations. Results of a quick scan can be delivered within 24 Hours.


DB Asset Services Engineering

Online monitoring

Doctor Bibber has a lot of experience with the installation of online monitoring systems. With these systems we are able to remotely monitor the condition of your machinery. A construction like this would allow you to keep running a machine with minor damages in a responsible manner. You now have the opportunity to postpone maintenance to a more convenient moment! Rental systems can be installed within 24 hours, if your company is located in the Netherlands. Please contact us for more information. !

You measure, we analyse

To further save time, and reduce costs we can provide training to your team or crew. After this training they will be able to carry out the periodic measurements themselves. The great advantage is that installations can be measured on very short notice, and at any time. For example: when we are unable to visit your location / when an installation starts making strange noises / when a machine shows signs of early damages and needs to be monitored more often, etc., your crew can collect the data and take action. The collected data can be sent to our office, and after analysis by our engineers we can offer practical maintenance solutions that optimise the performance and reliability of your machines.

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