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When a drivetrain is designed for high powers, a torsional vibration calculation is made. Based on the results of this calculation, the correct (flexible) coupling is selected in the drive. This ensures that the excitation frequencies are different from the torsion resonance frequencies. In result, the machine won’t generate high vibration levels which could lead to premature failure of the installation’ components.

The problem with torsional vibration calculations (often referred to as TVC or Torsional Vibration Calculation) is that the properties of the components are not always well known. As a result, theoretical assumptions are often made. This is particularly the case for the damping of components, which are often not well known.


Strain gauge measurement

It may happen that higher torsional vibrations occur than calculated. Strain measurements can be used to check whether this phenomenon occurs. Excessive torsional vibrations can lead to premature failure of the installation components. Early detection offers the possibility to improve the torsional vibration behavior and thus prevent early failure.

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