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Condition monitoring is based on trust. Trust in the succesful cooperation of your team and ours. Trust in the methods and resources that are being used, and above all trust in the availability of your machinery.


The implementation of a condition monitoring program requires care and attention. DB Asset Services can offer you this care and attention. We can provide you with a complete service package, allowing you to continue your operations without adding extra pressure to your daily work. 

Objective and personal

We value a close relationship with our clients, since this contibutes to the optimal results of the condition monitoring program. We try to keep the communication as direct as possible, so immediate action can be taken when necessary.


Methods used

To help you maintain your installations in a cost efficient and manageable manner, we offer a complete service package. This package includes: collecting measurement data / analysing of this data / set up and installation of the database / delivery of the equipment / training of staff and crew. Further development of our services and following the latest technology are our top priority.


Techniques used

DB Asset Services uses a variety of high quality techniques to examine the condition of your machinery. For vibration measurements we are working with spectra and envelope measurements. The oil is analyzed according to the ASTM specifications in a qualified laboratory. For each installation we examine which method is best suitable, and will present the most accurate results. 

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